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Unleash Your Power with Control for Beginner to Intermediate Players

Elevate your attacking game with the Apache Padel Tekoa racket. Designed for players at the initiation and intermediate levels, this well-balanced racket combines impressive power with excellent ball control, making it a versatile choice for players seeking to enhance their attacking skills.

Level: Initiation and Intermediate

• Type of game: Multipurpose, Attack

• Behavior Control: 8/10

• Behavior Power: 9/10

• Vibration absorption level: 10/10

• Balance (Center of Gravity): Medium

• Sweet Spot: Centered and Very Wide

• Blade shape: Mix-Oversize

• Standard weight: 356 – 360 grams

• Tubular Material: 100% 3K Carbon

• Flat face material (fibers): Double Fiberglass

• Core Material: LD Foam

• Core Density: Low

• Resin Type: Epoxy

• Game Face Finish: Matte Hyper Rough

• Thick profile and thick playing faces: 38 mm

• Handle diameter: 3.2 cm

• Contact surface dimension: 530 cm2

• Number of holes: 64

• Settling of materials for full performance: 3 hours


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