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Advanced, Tournament-Grade,

Professional-Level Padel Racket The Kanda Apache Padel Racket represents the pinnacle of premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship within the Apache Padel brand. Designed for advanced and professional-level players, it delivers exceptional performance, combining maximum power, control, and durability. The Kanda Padel Racket sets a benchmark in the world of padel, satisfying the demands of players seeking a top-tier racket that excels in power, control, and resilience.

Level: Advanced, Tournament, Professional

• Game Type: Power and Attack

• Behavior Control: 9/10

• Behavior Power: 10/10

• Vibration absorption level: 9/10

• Balance (Center of Gravity): High

• Sweet Spot: Centred Medium

• Blade shape: Mix-Oversize

• Standard weight: 371-375 grams

• Tubular Material: Hybrid Carbon (100% 3K Carbon + Basalt)

• Flat face material (fibers): Carbon 10K + Basalt

• Core Material: Black EVA 30 Rubber for Power over Control

• Core Density: High

• Resin Type: Epoxy

• Game face finish: Matte Silica Grain

• Thick profile and thick playing faces: 38 mm

• Handle diameter: 3.2 cm

• Contact surface dimension: 530 cm2

• Number of holes: 49 (20 perforated and 29 semi-perforated)

• Settling of materials for full performance: 4 hours


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